I work with greenwood, specifically willow to create large woven sculpture to commission.

I've always loved vessels so it seemed natural to progress from throwing pots (an early creative endeavour) to building baskets through to making baskets to hold people this then became the foundation for the sculptural techniques I'm using and developing today.

I was first introduced to willow on a weekend course when my imagination was captured by the endless possibilities of this truly amazing plant. Willow is the perfect example of a sustainable material, which can be woven into forms with such spontaneity.

My more recent commissions have been largely botanical, scaling and magnifying detail.
The whole process of producing willow sculpture is very grounding. The connection with nature, through coppicing and transferring observations into design, can be a humbling experience, and a physical one too.

The willow has its own character with evocative qualities. Through time an understanding of this develops, which together with a bundle of patience, are all woven into the final creation.

Connecting with people and sharing the process is a fundamental part of my work.



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